How to make healthy smoothies for breakfast on the Go

One of the best investments I have done for myself; as they say one should invest in themselves, is buying a blender. As someone who eats to reach a calorie count daily goal as part of my fitness lifestyle, blending food has become the best and easiest way to eat less while eating everything at […]


When deciding to embark on a healthier lifestyle; it can be confusing on how to exactly go about it with all the information that’s out there about different diet plans which all seem to be effective. A healthy lifestyle I believe is a lifestyle that anyone should and can be on. This does not actually […]

2 weeks fitness update and Waist trainer review

Fitness Update It’s been two weeks since I shared my progress. Well, I’m deeply hurt to tell you that things went downhill after that. First, my boyfriend came to visit me. I couldn’t stick to my eating diet plan because I wanted to be accommodative. He only stayed a week. After he was gone, I […]

21-day challenge update

On the 18 of May I started on my 21- day fat loss challenge, after doing two weeks of body conditioning, attempting to condition my body to get used to the healthy lifestyle I was going to embark on. On my 21-day challenge, I used Herbalife products to help accelerate the fat-burning process. Below are […]

DIY: Avocado facial Mask

During this lockdown, self-care has become essential because we finally have time in our busy lives to take care of ourselves: body, mind, and soul. As part of my self-care package, I have committed to investing in my skin. I know this is important because I am one of those people who live by the […]

Conversations with Sine: Let’s talk marriage

I SAW THE COMMENT BELOW WHICH IS RELATED TO LERATO KGANYAGO AND THAMI’S SEPERATION AFTER A FEW MONTHS OF MARRIAGE. I was once fortunate to have a deep conversation on love and marriage in today’s world with my mother. She shared a lot of wisdom on the topic speaking from experience. Here is my two […]

Fitness Journey: Body Conditioning

I have always been a size 28. When I lose weight because of sickness or stress I usually drop to size 26 or 24. Weight alone has never been a problem until when they say it is below 50 kg, therefore, I cannot donate blood. My problem has always been belly fat. I am fortunate […]


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