Yolz Beauty face sheets mask Review:To buy them, or not to buy. My most critical, and honest opinion.

Sunday is for self-care where you pamper your skin, feed your soul, and rest your body. Some might read a good book while enjoying a nice glass of wine, and others would choose to cuddle up; watch Netflix, and chill. My self-care Sundays include good skincare, a good workout, and a nice book to read while cooking the Sunday dish, that’s if I decide to cook, I’m lazy on that side.

Skincare differs from person to person. It also changes according to the problems your skin encounters, and what your skin loves the most. My skincare is easy. It is based on moisture, hydration, and products that provide the even tone effect because I struggle a lot with that. In my self-care skin routine, I’ve decided to add the Yolz beauty sheets face masks as an initial step in deep cleansing and hydration of my skin. This was a risky thing to do for me because my skin is sensitive. Trying out new products is never easy. Previously I used to make natural face masks the ones I previously blogged about. They’ve been doing the trick but they take time to prepare and sometimes I don’t have the ingredients they need. Buying these face masks was to make things easier for me; while getting the desired results.

Who is Yolz beauty?

Yolz beauty is a South African company founded by Yolenda Jawe that produces and sells skin beauty products. Their first product collection range is the face sheets mask. They launched three different sheet masks to solve three different skin problems. The masks include:-

1. The Brightening Pomegranate mask which is to help with dark marks and uneven skin tone.

2. Soothing Aloe mask that is for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

3. Moisturising Avocado used to moisturize dehydrated and thirsty skin.

If you are looking to add these face marks to your skincare, this blog is for you.

My Yolz beauty face sheet masks experience

T-shirt from @feelgoodwear_ on IG, Owned by me. Contact by DM to order.

Nothing excited me more than the fact that this product is a black woman-owned product. I’m very unapologetic about supporting my girls. Yolz is a really good skin influencer. I was eager to see how her products will take care of my skin. The packaging is beautiful. It is clean, attractive, and professional, which made me drool more from wanting to use and own this face sheet mask.

I used the brightening pomegranate sheet mask as my skin crisis right now is the dark marks. The package is designed with an easy to open feature meaning I didn’t need scissors to open it. I easily tore it open. I really liked that feature. You should never struggle to open a product you want to use badly or it just takes away the excitement of wanting to use it. Also what if you do not have a pair of scissors around, mhmm.

The face sheet comes folded. Unfolded it was a bit of a task because it was slippery. As like most face sheet masks, it has holes for the parts of your face which shouldn’t be masked those are your mouth and eyes.

The face mask fitted my face perfectly and I loved that it covered all of it. It says you should leave it in for 15- 20 minutes and in those minutes I felt the product’s effect. It has a mint cooling kind of effect. It sort of burns lightly, nothing too hectic. I believe that’s because my skin was not as clean as it should be. I’m black so that effect made me believe that it was doing the job it’s supposed to do. I was like girl I will take these cooling effects as long as you do your thing.

In the same breath though, we should be careful of accepting burning and painful sensations from skin products in the name of “its working” because they might be doing more harm than good especially if your skin is too sensitive.

After 20 minutes, I removed the mask. Honey, let me tell you about the results.

The results review

The first thing I took note of after removing the mask was that my skin looked and felt moisturized. It was glowing even from a distance. I was so shocked at that because I have a bit of dry skin. As much as it looked moisturized I loved that all the product from the face sheet mask was completely absorbed by my skin. There was no remaining product, just moisture.

My skin felt soft like a baby’s skin. The brightening effect was evident. The skin just shines and it did appear to be a bit more toned evenly. My dark marks are still there but I think if I use the face mask on a weekly basis I would attain a huge progression on them. I’m in love with the results.


The Pro’s

•The face mask packaging has simple directions on how to use the face mask

• There is information on the back of everything there is to know about the product you are about to consume, from ingredients to the benefits of using the face sheet mask.

• Easy to open packaging.

• The mask is non sticky, and is easy to remove.

• It has a lot of product, I love it.

• It fits perfectly and has good coverage on the whole face.

• It does what it’s supposed to do when it comes to the results. That’s my favorite Pro.

The Cons

•It is slippery and can make it difficult to put it on.

• It has a tight hold on the face as a whole makes it hard to smile or have any kind of movement. But I guess most face masks are like that.

• It was extremely cold when I put it on my face, but then again, aren’t all face masks? Is that even a Con then, I dont know.

My final take on the face sheet masks

I enjoyed using the mask. I had a good experience. The directions enabled me to use it properly which lead to the desired results. I’m in love with the yummy packaging. It takes the cup for me. I would recommend that you add these face sheet masks to your skincare routine. I love that I have the option to choose which one I want according to which skin problem I’m battling with. The masks have a lot of everyday skincare use. You can also use them as extra moisture on sunny days where your skin will be exposed to heat or when you will be wearing make-up the whole day.

To purchase the face masks visit http://www.yolzbeauty.co.za or follow @Yolzbeauty on all social platforms for more information. Three packets of the masks sell at R125.00 and you can choose whichever trio combo you would like, isn’t that awesome?

Happy self-care Sunday GlowUp squad, Please take care of your body, soul, and mind. Let’s talk on the next blog♥️

Love, Sine🌟

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