How to make healthy smoothies for breakfast on the Go

One of the best investments I have done for myself; as they say one should invest in themselves, is buying a blender. As someone who eats to reach a calorie count daily goal as part of my fitness lifestyle, blending food has become the best and easiest way to eat less while eating everything at once.

Last week, I challenged myself to make smoothies for breakfast. The idea was to have something on the go; light enough to make me full and furthermore alert or energized enough to work. I have been experimenting with this smoothie challenge. I didn’t want to make well-known smoothies, just smoothies that are healthy enough to load my body with lots of vital vitamins, at the same time using the food I have at home. As a result of this experiment, I discovered that the yummiest, healthy smoothies for me which make eating raw vegetables and fruits tasty and fun. On this blog, I will be sharing the ingredients of some of the smoothies I made and their health benefits.

NB: All smoothies are blended with a blender. Any brand or size of a blender can be used in the making of the smoothies.

1.Creamy Strawberry Smoothie

So sweet nand tasty

The Benefits

-This smoothie is high in protein because it contains a protein powder. It is good for muscle repair after a morning workout session. Take it as a substitute for your normal breakfast cereal as it contains granola muesli or a fun way of drinking your post-workout shake.

-It is high in fiber and contains whole grains needed by the body.

-Quick and easy healthy breakfast you can have on the go.


• Granola Muesli

• 1 Banana

• Plain yogurt

• Low-fat milk or skim milk

•Straberry favout protein powder or Strabberries

• Seeds( sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds)

How to prepare

Pour in a teacup size of granola muesli into the blender.

Add you Banana once cut.

Pour your 1/4 or 100ml Milk.

Two full spoons of plain yogurt for that creamy taste.

Add 3 spoons of your protein powder, or a handful of strawberries, enough to add the sweet taste and change the color of the blended product.

Blend everything for a minimum of 3 minutes, and add milk if too thick for your liking until it as one wants it to be.

Serve and enjoy your pretty healthy smoothie .

2.Everything Green Smoothie

The benefits

-It is a high source of irone and potassium.

-Easy way to eat all your green vegetables in the healthiest way which is having them raw, also an easy way to eat everything at once.

-Good as a light but with a good number calorie breakfast meal replacement.


• Broccoli ×3

• Baby spinach

• 1 apple

• Cucumber

• Green peas

• Granola muslie

• plain yogurt( as per preference)

• 1 Banana or Honey and cinnamon

•Pumkin seeds

How to prepare

First, you put a handful of baby spinach in, then add your broccoli.

Cut into pieces cucumber and apple, add them into the mixture.

Pour your frozen green peas (size of a teacup).

Add a spoon of plain yogurt( this is not a must-do).

For a sweet taste, you either add 1 banana or 2 spoons of honey and cinnamon.

Sprinkle pumpkin seeds before or after blending for decoration.

Add half a glass of water (250 ml) and blend until satisfied to serve.

3. Banana Flakes Smoothie

The benefits

-A high source of Fibre.

-Light and easy breakfast on the go .

-A source of vitamin E and energy for the day ahead.


•1 or 2 Banana

• 1 cup of All brain Flakes

•1/2 glass of Milk

• Plain yogurt

•Sunflower Seeds

How to prepare

Pour your all brain flakes first.

Add your sliced bananas.

Add two spoons of your yogurt, the 1/2 glass of milk then a handful of sunflower seeds.

Blend everything until fine and thick and enjoy your smooth juicy banana smoothie.

4. Vitamin C Overdose Smoothie

The Benefits

-High in vitamin C, one of the most important vitamins that the body needs to function well and be healthy.

-A convenient way to eat vegetables and fruits at once.

-Fun snack or breakfast on the go.

-Contains wholegrain and high in fiber.


• 1 carrot diamond sliced

• 1 orange peeled

•1/4 cup of frozen corn

•150 ml of Milk

•granola mueslie

•pumkin seeds

How to prepare

Pour your sliced carrot.

Seperate your orange and add it in.

Add your corn.

Add a handful of granola muesli and a handful of pumpkin seeds.

Lastly, pour your milk to your satisfaction(don’t forget most of the ingredients contain their own water)

Blend everything in a blender for at least 5 minutes, serve and enjoy!

5. Chocolate-flavored Sunflower Seed Smoothie

Low quality picture

The Benefits

-High in protein, good for recovery after workout.

-Source high in energy.

-High in Vitamin E.

-Also quick and easy breakfast on the go.


•Chocolate flavored High protein Jungle cereal

•1 Banana

•1/2 Sunflower seeds

• Plan yogurt

• 1/2 glass of milk( 250ml)

How to prepare

Pour your chocolate flavored jungle cereal in the blend.

Add your sliced banana.

Pour your sunflower seeds.

Add 2 spoon of yogurt, and lastly, pour the milk.

Blend everything untill smooth and fine.

Serve and enjoy.

Fun fact: This was my favorite smoothie because I love everything chocolate flavored.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. Let me know in the comment section which smoothie are you’re going to try.

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