When deciding to embark on a healthier lifestyle; it can be confusing on how to exactly go about it with all the information that’s out there about different diet plans which all seem to be effective. A healthy lifestyle I believe is a lifestyle that anyone should and can be on. This does not actually require a certain diet, depending on what you are going for, but being more healthier should be everyone’s target as it has many health life benefits.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

According to me, a healthy lifestyle is simple minding what you put inside your body and keeping active regularly. This is choosing to take in more balanced healthy foods; while keeping active can be anything as small as taking a walk.


The following tips are suitable for any fitness journey you want to commence on. These are small but necessary steps to living a healthier life.

  1. Decrease your sugar intake

Decreasing your sugar intake can help in the following ways:

• Decrease your belly fat

•Decrease your sugar levels. This is beneficial if you have diabetes or a family history of diabetes.

• Lose weight and prevent obesity

3 ways to decrease your sugar intake:

•Transition from white sugar to brown sugar: For anything that might need sugar use brown sugar rather.

• Consuming honey in tea or coffee: for those people who cannot function without a cup of coffee, using honey instead of sugar is the best way to decrease your daily sugar intake. Honey can be added in lemon water or green tea for that good sweet taste.

• Limit drinking fruit juices and cool drinks: Drinks contain huge amounts of sugar. Even the healthiest 100% fruit juices contain sugar because fruits have large amounts of sugar hence even when eating their consumption should be limited to 1-2 fruits a day as a snack. Do not take more than 2 fruits all in the name of eating healthy, your body does not need that unnecessary sugar. So to decrease substantially your sugar intake, limit drinking fruit juices, and cool drinks.

2. Eat raw, boil or grill food

One of the most important aspects to take note of when trying to eat healthily is how you prepare your food. The most beneficial way to eat your vegetables is to eat them raw. This is so convenient for me who sometimes is lazy to cook, I just cut or peel my veggies and put in a plate and serve.

It is not easy to consume as many vegetables as your body needs, the other susceptible way to make sure you take the necessary amount is to eat them in the form of a smoothie. I recommend having a blender, it makes eating food easy, as you can eat on the go. Mix your raw vegetables, add some cinnamon and plain yogurt, blend and enjoy.

If you despise raw vegetables or when eating any food that cannot be eaten raw, you should boil or grill. Any meat is healthier grilled with less use of oil. For easy meal preparation, you can put all your vegetables and grill together with the meat.

It is important to always keep in mind that if you cannot eat raw, choose to grill or boil instead of frying food.

3. Eat small portions of food regularly instead of large portions

Eating large portions of food is one of the top things that contribute to belly fat. When your body is hungry it actually wants a small certain amount of nutrients. Even when you take in large amounts of food, your body will take the required amount for energy and nutrients, the remaining huge quantity will turn in to fat, belly fat to be specific especially if the food contains high carbohydrates.

The idea is not to starve yourself but to eat smart. Take in small frequent meals instead. In a day, take 4-5 meals instead of 3 large meals. In your meals include snacks where you take your light food such a 2 boiled, green salad, raw carrot, two slices of sandwich, etc.

In your eating plan, it is very necessary to include early or late fasting. This is basically depending on your fitness journey to choose between eating your breakfast after 11 which is early fasting; eating your dinner no later than 20:00 which is late fasting or to do both. Personally ever since I started on fitness lifestyle I have been doing late fasting. I eat my last meal of the day between 18:30 to 19:30 no later than that. If I get hungry or to prevent feeling hungry I then drink water with lemon and honey before I sleep.

The health benefit of early or late fasting includes:

• Promotes good fast metabolism

•It allows your body to be on rest mode for at least 8 hours a day. Your body burns more calories when on rest mode, which is when some systems are not working.

• Improves insulin resistance meaning it promotes blood sugar control

• Aids in weight loss because it limits the amount of calorie intake

4. Decrease carbohydrate and junk intake

One of the most important steps to take when serious about eating healthy and clean is to limit your carb intake and junk.

The best way to limit your carbohydrate consumption is to consume healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole fruits, whole oats, etc. Or you can cut down on the bad carbohydrates by dishing in small portions and not consuming them regularly.

Junk intake is one of the most difficult things to limit its intake even for me. I am still struggling with chocolate cravings. I have told myself the easy way to go about limiting my consumption there is to have small amounts at a certain time, for example when I have a chocolate slab, I should eat a few bars just to easy the cravings instead of eating the whole slab at once. I also make sure I skip days when it comes to junk foods. You cannot eat junk everyday.

Since I am on the no-junk challenge for 30 days, I thought I should try getting healthier snacks to substitute for the junk craving. I have bought some Futurelife granola bars to snack with when I’m not snacking with fruits or smoothies. I will let you know how it all goes.

5. Increase your water intake

The last but not least tip for a healthy lifestyle is to increase your water intake. The body is made of 95% water meaning water is a basic but important aspect for its survival and proper functioning. A person should take at least 2 liters a day.

I know drinking water can be forgetful which is why I recommend using an app to track your water intake. The other tip I use is to have a water bottle with me, on display all the time at work or even at home. This helps me so much with remembering to drink water because the minute I see the bottle I know I should drink water. In the first days I even wrote a note on my notice board that’s said ” Drink water and hydrate”, and every time I would look up on the board it would be there haunting me until I drink water. Setting those small reminders is necessary until you get used to the routine and you don’t need to be reminded to drink water.

When to drink water:

  1. You drink water as the first thing in the morning to awaken your digestive system. This is best when it’s warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar to detox any remaining fat in your stomach.
  2. You should drink a glass of water an hour before meals. This includes snacks. Doing this will help you with eating in small portions cutting unnecessary calorie intake. Sometimes we are not hungry but thirsty and our body cannot differentiate between the two.
  3. A glass of water after every meal. This helps more particularly if you had a meal high in fat, it helps to flush away the fat so it does not stay active in your digestive system. It also promotes fast metabolism.

Water has so many health benefits from fighting infections in your body to purifying and hydrating your skin, it is necessary to increase your daily intake for a healthier lifestyle.

As we start a new month, let’s use these tips to make small but necessary changes for our health benefits.


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