2 weeks fitness update and Waist trainer review

Fitness Update

It’s been two weeks since I shared my progress. Well, I’m deeply hurt to tell you that things went downhill after that. First, my boyfriend came to visit me. I couldn’t stick to my eating diet plan because I wanted to be accommodative. He only stayed a week. After he was gone, I committed to start afresh and set new goals. I hate to say it but it’s like I’ve been bewitched.

I just got sick. At first, I took it slightly, told my body to shake it off and I managed to do a few training sessions. The following day, I started having difficulty breathing so much that I couldn’t even jump for 15 seconds without breathing deeply out loud. It was like my lungs forgot to breathe and I had to remind them by breathing deeply. This was horrific, to say the least. I was so scared. I was afraid I was going to die. Dramatic right? But It was scary like that. I remember that morning I even went outside for air as I felt like there was no air in the house. It felt like I was not breathing at all. For a second I was convinced it was Corona Virus but then it turns out it was just a few stress-related panic attacks that awakened my asthma. So I’m asthmatic again, I’m even back to using a pump.

In that whole week, I didn’t work out. A whole 7 days! I made it worse by lacking discipline and craving gravy-like meals and junk food. It was not an everyday thing, but trust me when I say every calorie counts. When I look in the mirror I really feel like I’ve gained the weight I worked so hard to lose in the past month. It might be my brain playing tricks with me but really, I can even feel it on my body. I’m not as light as before. I am even not as faster with workouts. My stamina is not as good, you know.

Alas, we start a new week. I’ve set new goals for my self. I want to push forward. I’m not gonna look back, I’ve made mistakes and I suffered the consequences, but we push forward still. I live this fitness lifestyle with this saying that arose on my mind this other day which says: You can not feed your body unhealthy foods half of your adult life and expect to get rid of the damage done by those foods in a few months, its almost unrealistic.

What I take from this saying is to be patient with my body. Patience is my worst weakness. I really suck at it. However, I want this. I know my body goal. I have a vision for this lifestyle and I know what steps to take to make my visions come to life, so I will try to be patient as I go back to the fundamental exercises and eating clean.

Waist trainer review

A waist trainer will assist you with the following:

•Helps maintain a good posture(hoping it helps me with this, my posture is embarrassing)

• Assists in shaping your figure. This is the most desirable effect that a waist trainer provides. You can gradually see the slim sexy shape your figure has the potential of having and with time it will have.

• It helps with speeding belly fat loss by excreting fat burned with movement, either a workout exercise or a simple walk around the house or mall. Waiter trainer piles up temperature around your waist through body movement to excrete fat through sweating.

Important to note

A waist trainer is not an over the night miracle waist fat burner, no. It works slowly with time. You cannot use it for a few days and expect some change. I’ve been using it for at least two weeks even though I was not that productive but it did make me sweat. I can see a small difference in my figure shape, but I will give it time with the mindset that it’s not the main factor in my belly loss journey but a sub player that’s just there to assist.

One problem I have with this waist trainer is that it makes it difficult to do squats. It’s like it restricts me to go down until a set level. I don’t know if I’m putting it too tightly or what.

Where to get your waist trainer

I got mine at an online fitness store called official battery at R300 and R100 door to door delivery. Check @officialbattery on Instagram. I also know there are ones called Hotshapers at Game. People also give them good reviews.

My final take on waist trainer

I would definitely recommend a waist trainer if you can afford it. It is really not a must-have. You can lose fat belly without using a waist trainer. Remember it’s your diet that plays a big factor in belly loss. I’m a big fan of using what you have, you can wear your black rubbish plastic over your body to sweat more when working out and quicken the calories burned. It also works wonders especially with weight loss.

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