21-day challenge update

On the 18 of May I started on my 21- day fat loss challenge, after doing two weeks of body conditioning, attempting to condition my body to get used to the healthy lifestyle I was going to embark on.

On my 21-day challenge, I used Herbalife products to help accelerate the fat-burning process. Below are the products:

  1. Shake

The Herbalife shake is high in protein and has all the essential nutrients needed by my body. Because of this reason I used it as a meal replacement either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I usually add plain yogurt and muesli when I have it for breakfast or lunch so that it is thick and makes me full.

2. Tea

The tea helps with flushing fat by acting as a detoxifying agent in the body. It is high in caffeine so it is really good to use in the morning as it gives you an energy boost for the rest of the day. I usually drink it in the mornings and sometimes after a snack when I don’t feel full.

3. Aloe

I take the aloe with tea because of the nice taste it brings to the tea. It is also a detoxifying agent that helps with flushing body fat.

4. Multifibre

It is high in fiber and helps with food digestion. It increases fiber intake especially if you are slacking with having food high in fiber like me this will increase that fiber intake. It should be taken daily.

The diet

Breakfast: 7:00- 7:30

( with low fat or skim milk)

•allbrain flakes( with honey and fruits for flavor)

• Futurelife cereal

• Herbalife shake

•Muesli with plain yogurt

Snack: 10:00-10:30




Lunch: 12:00- 12:30

•Herbalife shake

• Dinner from the previous night( boiled vegetables, eggs, grilled chicken, green salad etc)

Late snack: 15:00-15:30

• Provita biscuits

• Any fruit I have( mostly apples)

• 2 boiled eggs

• You can have pumpkin seeds, peanuts, or green based smoothies (made with avocados/spinach/broccoli)

Dinner: 18:00 or 19:00

• Boiled vegetables with grilled chicken or boiled eggs( I try to alternate my vegetables, of I had spinach as my green today the following day I will have green peas)

•Herbalife Shake

•Green salad

I am looking to get a cookbook for recipes of healthy foods I can make for lunch and dinner because I am on this as a lifestyle for the rest of my life and I would like to enjoy a variety of food so I don’t get bored and end up eating unhealthy meals I should be avoiding.


It is very important to drink water regularly. For those asking if I don’t get hungry with this eating routine, water helps with keeping me full. I make sure I drink more than 2 Litres a day, a glass before every meal even if it’s a snack.

Exercise Routine

My exercises are mostly focused on the body parts I want to lose fat from. I have been exercising twice during weekdays: mornings, and evenings; I then exercise once on weekends, and Sundays are my rest days.

Abs exercises

•Side leg raises

•Side planks and normal planks

•crunches and side crunches

• mountain climbing

•butterfly kicks or middle leg raises


• Running: I run a steady pace for 15 -20 minutes. I haven’t been able to measure it per km but I will soon.

•Skipping: started with 500 skips on the first day. I am now doing 1500-2000 skips

•Warm up cardio exercises like bunjee jumps.

Legs exercises

• Squats: I do 200 squats 10 different squats 20 repeats which makes 200 repeats.

•Standing leg raises

Herbalife products review

People always ask if the Herbalife products really work, the answer to that, according to my personal experience, yes they work. They played a big role in making the fat loss process faster. Losing weight or gaining muscle is not an overnight work. It’s common that when you use these products just because they are highly recommended, you use them for a few days and expect a difference. I was like that also, used them for 5 days and I went to the mirror to look for some difference. I was disappointed to find that there was no change. I even felt a bit discouraged. I guess I expected some miracles, but the reality is, there’s no miracle route to your body goal. It takes hard and consistent work. After I stopped fussing about seeing the “results” that these products are said to deliver and started focusing on my diet and exercises, 21 days later I am seeing some progress.

My only issue with Herbalife products if I am being honest is that they are expensive. They need you to save if you want to use them. You should also be serious about changing your lifestyle because using them alone will not give you effective results. There are to be used with a well healthy balance food intake and exercise. The combo I used was about R1200 on a special. I don’t know how much it is when not on special. They do have a budget combo, for those that want to use products to assist them in their fitness journey but cannot afford the fast programs like the one above. The budget combo includes multifibre and tea. I am not certain about the price.


When I took the decision to work on my body I never comprehended how hard it would be. It is arduous to go from eating junk and oily fat food to eating green-leafy food. Some days I manage to fully stick to my healthy routine, but some days it’s just hard.

In my workplace, I am the only one who is on this healthy lifestyle. They eat all these foods I am trying to avoid and it can be really tempting especially with junk foods like chocolate ( which is my favorite junk food). It’s really not easy to say no when someone offers you something that deep down you actually want. At times I end up taking the offer and eating that chocolate, then I feel guilty and disappointed with myself. I go through an emotional rollercoaster on how I have wasted the products and my efforts by eating that chocolate and how it will affect my results. This leads to me going hard the following day and training like a maniac even though it will physically burn me out.

I just wanted to put it out there that the whole fitness journey is emotionally heavy on its own. So be kind to yourself. I am going in on this week with the mentality that I should be kind to my body and my mental self because as long as I am consistent, even with the mistakes I make, there will be progress.

Then there’s the pain that comes with doing workouts. I am an active person by nature but with the body goal I am aiming for I have to pull a beast within me I didn’t even know I had. Sometimes I feel like giving up halfway through a workout exercise, asking myself if it’s all worth the pain, especially when I don’t even feel like there’s progression. I have had days when I lied to myself and said I did 10 squats when I actually did 8 squats and got too tired to continue. To be honest, I haven’t been perfect at all as sometimes I’ve done some exercises wrong. But I learn from every mistake and push through to finish the target I aim for daily.

I am filled with joy today. I am so happy to see that all the sweat; the guilt of cheating food and putting extra exercises the following day trying to burn all the calories I ate; the pep talks when I felt like giving up; they all have been worth it. I am happy to see some progress. I celebrate it. I am proud of myself. This is not a 21-day thing, it’s for life. It’s a lifestyle I would like to live by, and with that in mind, the marathon continues.

Where I am now

I recently started using muscle-building products. I will review them after 2 or 4 weeks. I have also bought a waist trainer, I will also do a review on it, stay tuned. I am working on building muscles and strengthening my ab core.

P.S: A video of my exercises will be posted on my social accounts, click the social icons on my home page to directly follow me to watch it once it’s posted.

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