Fitness Journey: Body Conditioning

A week after I have started with my body conditioning exercises

I have always been a size 28. When I lose weight because of sickness or stress I usually drop to size 26 or 24. Weight alone has never been a problem until when they say it is below 50 kg, therefore, I cannot donate blood. My problem has always been belly fat. I am fortunate that I have big boobs even though I have issues with them(that’s a topic for another day) because when I have clothes on, my fat belly becomes hidden as long as I am not wearing anything too revealing.

After I gave birth through a cesarean my belly fat tripled. I not only had belly fat but some excess fat on other body parts too. I have started with my fitness journey with a clear goal which is to lose that excess fat which is on some body parts such as- arms, belly sides, and thighs(cellulite). When you start your fitness journey it is very important to set realistic body goals. They will keep you in line. It is important to know exactly what you want to achieve. What you want to lose or gain.


Body conditioning is preparing your body for something that it is not used to. It is not healthy and safe for your body to go from eating everything in 3 meals per day to eating a selective diet in 4-5 meals a day. Or to go from not exercises at all to exercises for 15 minutes and running 2 km. Your body will be tired and will want to give up. The whole time you will want to quit because you are putting too much pressure on your body. This is why you see people start on a fitness journey and they just quit it. I have chosen to start by preparing my body for the healthy lifestyle that we are going to be practicing. Body conditioning also prepares your mind for the drastic changes that are to come.

Important information required before starting body conditioning

•Body Type

I am a soft body type because I don’t want to lose my whole body weight but some excess fat on some body parts and tone my body muscles. Body type is the type of body you have now and what the goal of that body is. It is important to know your body type because you will be dieting according to what your body goal is. It helps use gym equipment, products, and diet that align with your body type goal. You can follow @vshred on Instagram to know your body type. Click the link in his bio and take the body test.

•Body diet future plans

The other important information you must know is your future diet challenge. I will embark on a 21-day challenge that will focus on losing belly and any excess fat that is not supposed to be on my body. To plan your future diet challenge is important because in body conditioning you will have to condition your body according to the diet challenge you will be doing. It helps you also to be prepared for the challenge when it comes to the fitness products you will be using, the gym equipment you will need, and what your end goal achievement will look like. I will be using the Herbalife flat stomach products on my challenge which will assist not only on losing the belly fat but also the excess fat I want to lose on other body parts. If you need to more information on products you can use on your challenges even if you want to gain weight, contact my good friend who is a Herbalife coach on Facebook @Sinomncedi Fuzile, and Instagram @sino_fuzile. You can get her contacts on these social accounts.

Where I am now

lower body excercises already showing results. I am happy.

I am on my second week of body conditioning. I am currently on a diet that entails 60% protein 30% fat and 10% carbohydrates. I am conditioning my body to get used to getting small amounts of carbohydrates until it gets used to not getting them at all.

I have been exercising twice on weekdays and once weekends. I started slowly, nothing too drastic that my body can’t handle, then as time goes I increase the intensity. For example, I started doing 20 squats and increased it every day by 10, I am now on 70 squats. I also have been jogging, started with running a steady pace for 5 minutes the first day. I am now running a steady pace for 15 minutes. You can follow @kingkhanya91 and her hashtag #slaywithkayfitness on Instagram for home workouts. I love her workouts because she uses objects that you might have at home, and her instructions are easy to follow.

What I am good at (my strengths)

Body conditioning enables me to evaluate how I am coping with the lifestyle change. I am to take note of my strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the challenge I will be doing.

  1. I have maintained a good eating routine. I eat at least 4 times a day. I wake up and drink coffee (with honey and lemon) because I will be drinking tea which contains high caffeine. I wanted to see if it won’t affect my daily routine activity. I eat healthy porridge. I use FutureLife cereal to make a shake and eating fruit in between meals. Then I eat supper. I always try by all means to eat supper by 7 pm so that it can be properly digested and drink my tea to detox before I sleep.
  2. I have a good exercise routine.

What I am not good at( my weaknesses)

  1. I don’t drink enough water.
  2. I have to work on sticking to my eating routine even on weekends.
  3. I must by all means try and stick to my diet even when I am at home.
  4. I dont do belly excercises as I should be doing . I need to get partner to assist me on the excercises.

After the two weeks of body conditioning, I will be starting with my 21- day challenge. I am so excited about it. My body is really getting used to the healthy lifestyle. I hope it will take the pressure of the diet. I can’t wait to share with you my body results after, and the process itself of course.

PS: Under Fitness I will be posting every two weeks because I only want to post when there’s valid progress.

4 thoughts on “Fitness Journey: Body Conditioning

  1. Very good blog article. I’m sharing your fitness story at Facebook Group page @agelessmirrorathlete Share your article there if you’d like. We’d certainly like to learn from Sinesipho. Cheers!


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