Basic skin care routine that works with just 2 weeks

This was how my skin looked before
This is how it looked 2 weeks later

Ahead the first few days after our President declared a national lockdown I was allocated to work at one of the tollgates to do screenings. It was my first outreach allocation so I didn’t know what to anticipate. I was never prepared for the weather conditions we worked under. The first picture shows exactly how my skin got burned after I was working outside a 7-7 shift and the weather was 34° warm.

I felt it happen, my skin started getting itchy and irritated on my nose and forehead. The following day it became scaly, I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t pack any sunscreen and the weather was hot still. By the end of that week I was holding myself from having a mental breakdown because wow I couldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror. My skin was now peeling off, especially on my nose and it had that burning itch. The first picture I took two days after the peeling got better but the darkness from burning was still there.

After doing a bit of research from friends and online I started using the below products to help with my skin condition

Daily skin care products used

I got this cleanser from a friend that sells Avon products. I use this even tone facial cleanser as my first step in my skin routine. I stopped using soap and apply the cleanser instead to cleanse my skin and I use it as a wash product. I usually let it be absorbed in for 10-15 minutes before I wash off unless I am late then I do at least 5 minutes. What makes it more effective especially in my case is that it is an even tone cleaner so it helped to even my skin tone and also it is specifically for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. You don’t have to use this Avon product, the brand it’s not really important, you can choose any brand of your liking probably the one you can afford. It can be any brand such as ponds, Neutrogena, Garnier, Portia m, etc. as long as they have the product which is even tone cleaner and it should be for all skin types.


On my second step I moisturize my skin with magnolia tissue oil. This is to give your skin the moisture it needs to breathe. Another benefit of tissue oil is that it repairs skin by reducing visible marks and dark spots on the skin while preventing dryness. The use of tissue oil helped to stop the skin from peeling.

I like that I can use the tissue oil for my whole body(hence the bottle is finished) as my whole skin needs moisture. Use any tissue oil of your liking but I recommend Magnolia tissue oil with confidence.

Vaseline Blueseal has the same purpose as tissue oil which is to give moisture to the skin and prevent dryness. When I am out of the tissue oil like now at the moment I use vaseline Blueseal. It’s one of the best skin products that are very kind and gentle to your skin. I also use it as a lip moisturizer, as you can see my lips also got dry and dark.


Aqueous cream was actually prescribed to me by my colleague after I told her about the burning skin irritation. It helps with easing the irritation because it traps in moisture, reduces the thickness of skin, and also prevents dryness. On my 3rd step after giving my skin 5-10 minutes break in-, between, I apply the aqueous cream moisturizer. This is your go-to cream even for those who have eczema and are not supposed to use moisturizers. The one on the picture is a clinical aqueous cream and is not for sale. You can buy an aqueous cream moisturizer at any Clicks or Pharmacy store. It really helped with the burning itch and irritation within two days.

Instead of an aqueous cream moisturizer, one can also use a moisturizer that works for them maybe they have already been using it, the skin routine will still work wonders. For example my Aunt is using the Epimax cream moisturizer instead and it’s been working well for her skin.

Side Note: I recommend Epimax cream. I will also use it after this one is done, and I will do a review on it as well.


This is the most important and final step. If you miss this step just know you are holding your skin back from glowing. Use the SPF 50 sunscreen every day even if it’s not sunny. The purpose of sunscreen it’s not to all protect you from Ultraviolet light which is the Sun but from any absorbent strong product you might be using that can damage your skin, such as some makeup, especially on sensitive skin like mine. SPF 50 means that the sunscreen will give you 50x sunlight protection more than what your natural skin provides. What I love about my sunscreen the most is:- a) it is absorbent meaning it gets absorbed on the skin and doesn’t leave grey or white traces that show you applied a sunscreen b) it is water-resistant. I can apply water on my face without worrying about how its effectiveness is going to be affected by the water.

You can buy any brand that makes sunscreen that you can afford although I am not sure if they all have the SPF 50 effect, the only brand I know that has is Vaseline sunscreens.

To Summarize:

I used these products as day and night skin routines products. They have helped not only by clearing the dark pigmentation I had but also the dark spots I got during my pregnancy. My skin feels so soft, less dry, and definitely doesn’t look too oily because everything is just absorbent, it doesn’t scream “look everyone I just did my skincare”. I love that most of them are affordable, you can choose a brand according to your budget and I would recommend that the same brand you chose for your cleanser should be the same you choose for your cream moisturizer if possible. The same brand products will give you faster results.

Go and look again on the 2nd picture I took 2 weeks later of my nightmare. Tell me now, are you intrigued? I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Basic skin care routine that works with just 2 weeks

  1. Where do I get aqueous cream?
    I have an oily skin and dark marks, I’ve tried few products but no good results came out of them. I would like to try this cz I never used them before..


    1. Go to a pharmacy . If they don’t have get epimax cream that suits your skin, please care to read before you choose. You must read what the product contains. For example you cannot choose a cream that is for dry skin while yours is oily. I recommend Epimax because I know it also works.


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